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Foster Love (formerly Together We Rise) has secured funding to provide safety net funding for college students with foster care experience.

Foster Love works exclusively with college campus foster care support programs and government agencies to provide these resources directly to their students in a quick and efficient manner.

Once the student has connected with TWR staff, the student can expect approved requests to be funded withn a 72 hour period given all necessary documentation has been received and verified.

See how we eliminate barriers.

Our Collective Impact

Together We Rise has partnered with private donors, college foster care support organizations, nonprofit partners, and government agencies to deliver over $8 million dollars in academic assistance directly to college students.

  • Rapid Response

    In 2021, over $110,000 in funding was distributed to bridging the technology gap college students in foster care face.

  • Family Fellowship
    58 Student Scholars
    90% Graduation Rate
    38% Go on to Pursue Doctorates
    100% Find Employment in their Fields
  • Shopping Sprees
    $16,000 Donates by Macy's for Foster Youth
  • American Industries Scholarship
    Up to $10,000 Awarded to Scholarship recipients pursuing vocational education

How It Works

This is how we eliminate barriers for rapid support.

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To qualify for Rapid Response funding, the student must be referred by an authorized referral partner.

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Apply to become a partner agency and learn how to refer students for basic needs assistance.

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Only 3% of foster youth graduate college— we need everyone's help. Check out some of the ways you can help.

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  • Together We Rise has made a positive impact in our scholars day to day lives. They were able to focus on their academics without the constant stress of securing their basic needs. It was a much-needed relief of help and support
  • Together We Rise has assisted several of our students with funds and materials that they would not be able to get otherwise and in a timely manner. We are appreciative for their initiatives in supporting students in their college goals.
  • Together We Rise has provided critically important support to our students over the past year. The program's low barrier, no judgment model allows students to get the support they need in order to remain on track towards their educational and professional goals during this challenging time.
  • Our FACES students have benefitted so much from the Tech Packs provided by Together We Rise. They have commented that having quality technology has made their online and in-person courses so much better. These tech packs have created equity and access for often underserved students, closing the digital divide!
  • Together We Rise has given me safety and security in the face of adversity. When COVID-19 first happened I was terrified for my future and worried that I would face homelessness. Thanks to TWR they provided funding to avoid homelessness and avoid going hungry. Words do not describe how incredibly grateful I am to be a part of such a wonderful organization.
  • My experience in accessing support through Together We Rise was straightforward and supportive. During the winter break of 2020/21, as well as this current summer break, I was both housing and food insecure. By Together We Rise helping me afford to stay in Winter Break housing and assisting me with purchasing groceries, it helped take the stress off of my shoulders.
  • Having organizations like TWR being so dedicated to helping foster youth indiscriminately means a great deal to me and many others. All our lives we have been thrown obstacles to overcome and having assistance to overcome them is greatly appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Rapid Response Program?

A safety net program for college students with foster care experience that provides flexible resources to quickly address the challenges threatening the student's ability to transition to and through college.

What type of institution must a student be attending in order to qualify for support?

A student can be attending any form of post-secondary education which includes community college, 4-year universities, career & technical programs, or other career certification programs. TWR will evaluate payments to for-profit colleges and proceed accordingly.

How does the safety net program work?

Agencies must first apply to become an authorized referral agency. Approved agencies will then be able to submit a student referral to Together We Rise (TWR). TWR will assess the students needs and provide the resources necessary to address the students requests.

What are the eligibility requirements to access the program?

All of the following criteria must be met:

  • Individuals must be a current or former foster youth age 17 or older regardless of their length of time in care. (For eligibility purposes, foster care status includes kinship care, adoption, and probation youth with an order for out-of-home placement).
  • Individuals currently enrolled at a college or university regardless of credit attainment, GPA, or academic standing. High school and GED seniors may qualify for this program with limited funding.
  • The eligible student has an urgent need that, if not addressed, would prevent them from continuing with their college education.

Learn More About Foster Love

Foster Love is a 501(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to change the way young individuals experience the foster care system in America.

Through a network of individuals, corporate partners, hudnreds of foster agencies, social workers, CASA advocates, and college campuses, Foster Love is able to bring enriching programs to individuals across the nation.

Foster Love faciliates different types of activities nationwide. Whether you participate as an individual, as part of a group, or corporation, you can help foster youth in your community with a fun team-building project. Your kindness makes a difference not only in the lives of your co-workers, friends, and family buy also in the lives of individuals with foster care experience. Donations are distributed through our partners and kept local to your community. Learn more below